This is a swimmingpool we build in Sakon Nakhon for a homeowner from Europe.
It is 10 x 5 meter with 
overflow system.
We use a saltwater chlorinator and a sand filter.
The pump is 2 hk, and the salt chlorinator produce about 35 gram an hour.
We used 4 x 18W led lights with rgb choices so the owner can choose the color or color-combinations.
This pool is not tiled with a standard a porcelain tile, but stone that are cut in perfect sizes for use in a swimming pool. The stone on top is 60cm long and are of the same stone as the rest of the swimming pool. 
The Jacuzzi have a 2hk jet pump and a 2hk air blower.
The switches for lights and jacuzzi is placed close to the jacuzzi.

10 x 5 Overflow.


Here is pictures from start to finish