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New for 2021at Sakon Swimming Pool.

We are from 2021 a dealer of Thailands absolute best Fiberglass Swimming Pools.
A fiberglass pool comes in different quality, also here in Thailand.

When we now are expanding our business we needed to use the best on the marked, and we are happy to be a dealer of the best quality we can find in Thailand.

When we sell a swimming pool to you, you becoming our customer for a very long time. We vill install it in a safe and profesjonell way and teach you how to clean and take care your new swimming pool.
Do you get any issues or any question later, we vill be there for you as we allways are for all of our customer.

It should make you happy and make you feel safe to be a customer of Sakon Swimming Pool.

Why choose a fiberglass pool over a concrete pool ?
Since we love our concrete pools, we vill not talk them down as other fiberglass pool company does. But:

If your space are small a fiberglass pool might fit better.
To install the fiberglass pool takes only 4 to 6 days and you vill swim in a few days.
The PH in the water is easier to balance so it easier to maintain a stable water quality.

It is very easy to clean.

And the new white models looks amazing.

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