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ClearTrine (GL)




CLEARTRINE Algaecides for Swimming Pools

  • An algaecide water clarifier suitable for sand filters
  • Highly concentrated polymer treats up to 160,000 gallons of water
  • Coagulates dirt, oil and other organic causes of cloudiness
  • Improves filter efficiency – fast – acting
  • No waiting period and easy to apply.



Effectively and economically kills algae and prevents regrowth without requiring pool closure.

  • Fast acting, eliminated algae within hours
  • Especially effective on mustard and green algae
  • Compatible with all other pool chemicals
  • No waiting period – swim immediately
  • East to apply
  • Does not cloud water

For visible algae growth : Apply 60 cc of SWIMTRINE per 19 cu.m. of pool water

Prevention of algae : Apple 30 cc of SWIMTRINE per 19 cu.m. of pool water everyday 10-14 days