Welcome to Sakon SwimmingPool

Sakon SwimmingPool are based in Sakon Nakhon in Isaan. We build swimming pools all over "Isaan". We are a small family company with a Foreign owner. We use 6 to 9 workers and use about 4 to 6 week on a swimmingpool. We build only one pool a time. This to make shore we allways make the best quality possible. The owner is always on site and works as a "forman" for the team. We have our own excavatordump truck and custom made formwork for our swimming pools. Here is links to the pool we build. Owerflow SwimmingPool - Medium size swimmingpool 1Medium size swimming pool 2 - Big size swimming pool.
We use two types of tiles. Se them here: Srithanee swimmingpool tile and  StoneClub stone tile.

Why choose Sakon Swimming Pool ?

We belive its many reason why you should use our company to build your swimming pool.

  1. We have a foreigner as owner.

  2. We build one pool a time. (not 10 same time)

  3. We are pool experts. Meaning that we do only Swimmingpools.


The Team !


The Boss.

Bjarne is from Norway.

He quit hes job as a welder to build Swimmingpools. He is the designer and the boss of every prosjekt. He vill allways be on site to make shore we allways build the best possible quality.


The Team. 
To make a perfect job we need a team whit 
experience. Most workers have been with us since our frist swimmingpool. We are a team of 9 men and girl, all from the same village.  And we belive teamwork is important.


The "Big" Boss. 
Chintana is Bjarnes wife and making shore all going as planed. She vill help you with the things you need after the swimmingpool is finished.



Chompoo is an importen part of our family company. She vil take care of all the small things during a pool build.
Even she is a young girl, she learning so quick and she is an excellent tiler to.

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NEW in 2021
We have made a deal with the best fiberglass factory in Thailand. We vill install this in Isaan area and vill provide you with the same service and quality we are doing on our concrete pools.
If you want the best quality for your fiberglass pool please contact us for some more 
To se the different models Click Here.

Price Request.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

A fiberglass Swimmingpool have fixed price.

For a complete price list on Thailands best swimming pools made in fiberglass. click here.
Our fiberglass pools comes in 13 models. All the models have "all included".
Some comes with Jacuzzi included, some comes with Swim jet included. Make your choice here.

con fib.png

Concrete Swimming Pool

A concrete swimming pool comes in all kind of variations. Many different colors and any size you want.
We made a list of our most common sizes to make it easier for you to decide.
You can download it here.

Beautiful swimming pools and happy customers is very important for us.
Here is what they say:



My private pool

The ovner is a foreigner.
Its made the hole different for me. It was easy for me to make him understand what I wanted.

Bjarne and Chintana are true proffesjonals. Very proffesjonal from the first visit, true the hole building prosess, the training on pool cleaning and a great follow up after the pool is finish.
Im really impressed on how they care about the hole process. 
The pool working perfect and the water is crystal clear.

Christian Backer