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Our Last SwimmingPool


Here are pictures from our last swimming pool.
This swimming pool is 7 x 4 meter. Its 1.2 meter deep. The sitting area is 1 meter deep.
This is a custom made skimmer swimming pool, with stainless steel hand rail.
The swimming pool is raised about 50cm above the terrace. 
It have a saltwater system and 4 RBG led lights.
The tile is swimming pool tile delivered from Sritanee.  This swimming pool is located in Sakon Nakhon provins.
This is now one of the swimming pools we take care of and servicing every month.

SwimmingPool Service

Pool Service in Isaan is not the same as in Pattaya! Here in Isaan it can take hours to get to the next customer. 
Because of covid many customers couldn't come to Thailand for a long time. So we choose to offer monthly service for our customers.

Want SwimmingPool service ?  Call me: Bjarne 088 561 3033

  • We offer service one time a month.

  • Test the ph in your water and adjust this to the right level.

  • Test and adjust the chlorine level in the swimmingpool.

  • Wacuum the swimming pool.

  • Backwash the sand filter.

  • Because we do this service only one time a month the customer should have a person to look after the swimming pool to top up water level and vacuum if needed.


Isaan Golf and Adventure Resort

Sakon SwimmingPool are very proud to been the swimming pool builder at this stunning Golf Resort outside Udon Thani.
The ovners villa and the high end resort is build by William Property.

Sakon SwimmingPool build 2 beautiful infinity swimming pool here. 12 meter and 10 meter long. The resort is located near Royal Creek golf track.

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 00.53.57.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 00.54.16.png

Why choose Sakon Swimming Pool ?

We belive its many reason why you should use our company to build your swimming pool.

  1. We have a foreigner as owner.

  2. We build one pool a time. (not 10 same time)

  3. We are pool experts. Meaning that we do only Swimmingpools.

Price Request.

A concrete swimming pool comes in all kind of variations.

Many different colors and any size you want.

We made a list of 3 different sizes so you can get an idea of what a swimming pool vill cost you.

But please remember that every swimming pool vill be priced individually. So please contact be for the detail on your swimming pool.
You can download it here.


How do we do it….

In all the years we have build swimming pools we develop our own way to build them, and our own design style. 

The most popular swimming pool we build is a simpel pool with a skimmer box on the short end. This is the best design for small residential swimming pools up to 10 meter, even works good up to 12 meter. It's the cheapest and most reliable design, and easy to clean and maintain.

We have develop our own style of overflow pool. Instead of the traditional channel with a grating we make a small channel whit a pvc piping under, to transport water to the holding tank. This gives the pool and channel an unik slim look and are easier to maintain and very durable.

Infinity swimming pool have and open channel on one, two or three sides where it overflows into a much bigger channel. This channel is lower than the edge of the swimming pool and gives an effect of an infinity edge. The channel is big enough to work as an holding tank and have led lights to show the beautiful design in the dark to. When design right and most importen, on the right place this might be the most beautiful pool you can get. 

Quick, with a high standard
Our policy is to build only one swimming pool a time. In this way we get the absolute best quality, and the best experience for the customer. To build it from start to finish we can use the same experience pool builders and keep all the tool needed at site all time. This way we can protect us from rain and sun through every build we do, and this make the quality better.

As a owner and foreigner I know how importen it is to supervise a job, specially here in Thailand. Therefor I'm always work as a supervisor and are normally always at site.

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