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From 2021 we offer a high end fresh water system from Australia. This is a system with no chlorine and minimum with salt. The water is healthier and easier to maintain. 

Klaus from Germany, living in Nong Bua Lampu was our first customer on this system. Hes pool is 1 year old and still fresh.


Imagine swimming in silky smooth freshwater with no chlorine stench or red eyes, no need for sensitive skin lotions or even showering after a dip. It’s swimming as nature intended, pure and simple.


Facts are, there is no real completely freshwater for swimming pools. All water needs some form of balancing. Water in nature finds its own way of balancing through plant life and the earth’s natural minerals. The fact is that less than 5% of the worlds water is completely fresh water. In a swimming pool, water needs some chemical to assist it to balance and effectively keep water safe for swimming. The way to be closest to fresh is minimising those chemicals and other substance in the water such as salt or magnesium and potassium. This is classified as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The NKD-R Freshwater System operates on the lowest TDS of any pool sanitiser on the market. We rule out up to 50% of chemical required in the pool and importantly reduce salt or mineral requirements by over 80%. The end result is a much more crystal clear, healthier swimming pool that’s not only better for you and the family, but it’s also better for your pool equipment, pool surrounds and the environment.


Copper and silver ionisation has been used in swimming pools for over 50 years. Greeks, Romans, and ancient Egyptians have been using copper and silver for hundreds, even thousands of years. They found that water kept in silver containers mysteriously purified, and algae didn’t grow in copper water pots. In the late 19th Century, water that was passed through various porous materials impregnated with silver created positive ions and therefore purifying it. NASA actually utilise ionisation for their drinking water in space with a unit no larger than a matchbox. There is also good reason that people are asked to throw coins in fountains and wells. Was it for good luck? Or was it the fact that the silver and other metals in the coins actually purified and kept the water clean? Even In hospitals, copper-silver ionisation is applied successfully for the deactivation of Legionella bacteria and its other powerful disinfecting properties.

In early days, people loved the feeling of the ionised water while swimming without the high chemicals or chlorine. However, they never had the control of operation like the NKD-R System does today to accurately control the mineral output for the correct size and use of their pool. In addition, ionisation by itself cannot break down organic matter such as dirt, dust, body oils, sunscreen and more that also gets in pool water after heavy use and weather. Eventually the saltwater chlorinator was invented. People filled their pool with bags and bags of salt and through the process of electrolysis chlorine was automatically created to sanitise their pool. Only five years ago, most people who had a salt pool didn’t understand that they were still swimming in chlorine and using the same chemicals as a traditional chlorine pool. Although seemingly easier to maintain, salt pools and chlorine pools are corrosive. A freshwater or ionised pool is much better for your pool surface, paving, pool fencing and equipment including the pool pump and heater.

This is also why the NKD-R System is combined with a powerful built-in oxidiser. The Oxidisation destroys organic matter maintaining crystal clear water.  Unlike traditional pool sanitisers, your residual sanitiser is copper and silver rather than chlorine and other chemicals, giving you a simple to maintain pool that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after swimming.

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