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Why use Sakon Swimming Pool ?


We belive its many reason why you should use our company to build your swimming pool.


In Thailand anyone can build anything. 

When you like to build a house, you need to be lucky to find a good builder. When you use a company to build your house, they always give the job to a smaller builder. This smaller builder can be very good, or «not so good» 


We all heard the story about the problem and stress people have when building in Thailand. If your house ending up whit one ore many errors it can be very frustrating, but you can still live there,


So what happened when you order a swimming pool ? 

Exactly the same thing! If you are lucky you vil have a good builder. The owner of the swimming pool company vill not be there when the pool is build. So you need to get the builder who have enough experience whit swimming pools and «care» enough to build you a good one. 


So are Sakon Swimmingpool any different? 

Yes we are. Here is why.


  • We are a small company whit an owner that also work as a Forman for the team who build your swimming pool.

  • We have the same group of people from we started the company, so the crew have a lot of experience.

  • We decide to build only one swimming pool a time to make shore every swimming pool have the same top quality.

  • We use top equipment on all places.

  • We choses top material all thru the building prosess.


To build swimming pools is what we love to do, and what we are good at. To make shore we can keep on doing this we need happy customers.

So what makes a customer happy?


  • Crystal clear water. 

  • Well balanced water.

  • A pool that is easy to clean and maintain.

  • A good price.


To reach that goal we need to make shore all our swimming pool is perfect build and all equipment is perfectly put together and vell balanced. 

Since we only do swimming pools we develop our tools to fits the job we are doing.

We have develop framework that fits the swimming pool we are building. This is importen to make shore the construction quality is strong enough every time.


If a pool build goes wrong, you might not even got to have fish in it  !!!!

I have seen a lots of pools that never have clear water. The sanitation system is badly design or maybe to small. I seen a lots of pump system whit air bobbles in it. This is because its very easy to get, maybe only one connection whit a tiny small leak. The result of this is constant air bobbles into the swimming pool and you waist a lot of energy since the pump vill suck air instead of water.

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