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We build it - You enjoy it - Quality always win

  • We are swimming pool specialist in isaan, Thailand.

  • We build tiled, concrete swimming pools with high standard and good equipment.

  • We build one swimming pool a time, this make a very short building time and a high quality product.

  • We offer monthly service for our customer in our "service area"

  • The owner is also a working forman. He is Norwegian and understand foreigners higher demands. 

Bjarne Olsen

Our Daily updates

Our Daily updates

Our Daily updates

Our updates from Building sites and Service runs.
Here do we post random information and pictures from our day to day work around in Isaan.

Testing / Chemicals / Cleaning

Sakon SwimmingPool do service and maintenance once a month in the Isaan.


  • We check and adjust PH - Clorine - Calcium.

  • We check salt level and add salt.

  • We backwash and clean filter.

  • We vacuum and brush the swimming pool.

  • We maintain and clean saltcell on chlorinators.

How Big - How Much

For most people the price is a important part of choosing a swimmingpool. When I make a price for your swimming pool I really want to make the right price. It need to be right for you, and it need to be right for me. ​ The Square meter price on a smaller swimming pool is often a lot higher. This because it almost the same job to build them, and the equipment is about the same as vell. For a "normal" family swimming pool I recommend 8 to 12 meter long. This gives a good value for the money. ​ 8 x 4 as a Small Swimming Pool 10 x 5 as a Medium Swimming Pool 12 x 6 as a Big Swimming Pool​ ​​ Small and medium swimming pool is best suited with a skimmer system.Larger swimming pools are better off with an overflow system. All swimming pool are Saltwater pool as standard. We deliver very good Equipment with quality LED lights. Waterfall are custom made. Jacuzzi have Jet System and air bobbles. They are custom made after your request. Please contact me for an free survey at you home. Go here for a price request or contact me here.

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