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“ZELBRITE” Mineral Media For Sand Filters




Zelbrite is an advanced filtration material that outperforms the traditional pool filtration mediums of sand and diatomaceous earth.

It is manufactured from zeolitic material which is formed as a result of volcanic activity. There are a range of different zeolitic materials produced with varying properties. The key active ingredient in Zelbrite is the mineral clinoptilolite. Clinoptilolite has a proven scientific track record in water treatment and Zelbrite now brings these advanced filtration features which produce superior water quality and economic benefits, to the pool and spa industries.

How long does zelbrite last?

The active component clinoptilolite is encased in a very solid and stable mineral complex which results in a very robust Zelbrite filtration particle.

In fact most zeolitic material around the world is quite soft and would be totally unsuitable to withstand the rigours of filtration, backwashing and constant contact between particles. As a result Zelbrite has a prolonged life, better than sand, due to its exceptional hardness and resistance to attrition.


Benefits of this amazing swimming pool filtration material

The benefits this amazing swimming pool filtration material can be grouped into the following general areas:

  • Water quality,
  • Health benefits,
  • Environmental and
  • Economic benefits


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